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Trawn Media is the official name for all publicly used videos, streams, and other content created and distributed by Trevor Warren and Shawn Snow. The name “Trawn” originated from our couple’s name, combining the first two letters of Trevor and the last three letters of Shawn. We both felt that “Trawn” sounded much better than “Shevor” (Imagine “Shevor Media”?).

When we first started creating videos on YouTube, we focused solely on vaping and vaping products. While brainstorming a name for our channel, we incorporated our couple’s name, giving birth to the original name, “Vaper Trawn.” However, over the years, this focus gradually took a back seat for several reasons:

1.It became expensive to constantly review new products and generate fresh content within our chosen niche.

2.The niche started feeling limiting since we both had various interests we wanted to explore.

3.Our content began to get flagged for alleged drug use. However, the only substance involved was nicotine; all the reviewed products were nicotine-free

Fast forward a few years, and we now reside in our own apartment, allowing us to create any content we desire without worrying about interfering with others’ activities. However, we weren’t inclined to return exclusively to vaping content. Although we considered managing multiple channels with different names, we realized that updating them all would be overwhelming for just two people. We didn’t feel comfortable asking others to invest significant time in helping us if we could not offer to compensate them for their efforts. Additionally, supporting ourselves financially while producing enough content for multiple channels seemed impossible.

Eventually, we realized that we didn’t need to pursue that path. We had a small but devoted fanbase with a YouTube channel who appreciated our overall style and on-camera presence. Some of our fans were even requesting more content from us. Furthermore, considering the abundance of general content channels and streams available, it was clear that there was a place and demand for such content. All we needed was a name, and at this point, that was the easiest part. We still wanted to incorporate “Trawn” into the name, and since it would encompass all forms of content across various media, including videos and streaming, “Trawn Media” was a natural fit. And thus, Trawn Media was born.

Currently, our primary focus is gaming streams. With the wide variety of games available, we feel no restrictions in this regard, especially since we both enjoy different genres of games, from racing games to first-person shooters to simulators. The possibilities are limitless. However, we also plan to introduce other content besides game streams. For instance, we have already posted videos on our Facebook page featuring walks through Bowring Park, where we showcased some of our favourite features while respecting the privacy of other individuals by not revealing their faces without their consent. We also have a video demonstrating an old-style soft mod of an Xbox Original, which allows you to play game backups while keeping the original discs safe in their cases. We have even posted some “looking” videos, with more to come.

Overall, this new format will provide us with greater creative freedom and allow us to explore a broader range of interests with our viewers than we could under the Vaper Trawn name. We eagerly anticipate the journey ahead and hope that as we learn and improve our content production skills, people seeking various types of content will recognize the name Trawn Media as a reliable source for the exact kind of video, stream, photo album, or any other media they are searching for.